Parent Testimonials for UTG Academy – What parents are saying about us!

With so many extracurricular activities out there, you might be wondering, “Will my kids like coding?” Well, at Under the GUI our students love learning to code – and their parents are thrilled about this too! Here’s why kids (and parents) love coding classes at Under the GUI.

Coding is Fun

Coding doesn’t have to be a boring, unfamiliar jumble of text on a screen. With the right curriculum, inspiring environment, and encouraging teachers, coding is fun for kids. And that’s just what we offer at Under the GUI.

At Under the GUI, our students don’t even feel like they’re going to school when they’re learning to code with us. Depending on their age, kids can learn how to create video game worlds, build full 2D games, and solve real-world problems through different programming languages. Kids are having fun while learning, and this puts a smile on parents’ faces too:

“My son comes home from each class excited, happy and full of stories about what he learned. He can’t wait for the next class. The brilliance of Under the GUI is my son doesn’t really know he is in a ‘coding class.’ As far as he is concerned he is spending his Saturday morning creating ‘a new, updated version of space invaders’ (his words).”

-Sarah T.

Coding Keeps Kids Engaged

We know that kids learn new languages more quickly and easily when they’re young. So why not introduce a coding language at an early age? Coding is not only fun to learn, it’s engaging too. At Under the GUI, even our most beginners class keeps 7- and 8-year-olds engaged with an end goal in mind – to build a spaceship game! As our students advance through our classes, they’ll flex their minds and learn new programming languages – all with the help of our passionate, patient instructors by their side.

“The Instructors and staff are professional and very engaged with the students and my 12-year-old son just loves them and the classes.”

-Michelle M.

Coding Prepares Kids for the Job Market

Parents – when your kids have coding skills in their back pocket, they’ll be well-equipped for their future. Computer programming and coding is an in-demand skill for a variety of high-paying jobs, including:

  • software developer
  • video game designer
  • technical writer
  • scientist
  • and so much more
When kids learn to code, they also learn how to collaborate, work independently, think on their feet, and solve complex problems. With these additional skills in their toolboxes, kids who learn coding may even grow up to become successful entrepreneurs. They may start their own business, develop the next big app, or use technology to create meaningful change. The future is bright for kids who learn to code.
Parents of our students recognize this too. Time and time again, we hear how their kids are preparing for their future by learning to code at Under the GUI:

“My son enjoys his classes very much and at the same time is gaining really important skills that will help him in the future.”

-Claudia F.

“While he is having fun recreating an iconic video game, he is learning a skill which could make him very employable in the years to come. More importantly, he is learning how to think strategically, to problem solve, and to make computers do the things we want them to do. And he loves it.”

-Sarah T.

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