Why B.C. Teachers Should Teach Kids Coding

Coding may seem like a foreign language to some people. But it’s an invaluable skill that can be taught to kids at an early age. Thankfully in Canada, the government recognizes the importance of digital skills and coding in the classroom. They’ve made it easier for Canadian teachers to get the training and skills they need to teach kids coding. Through government-funded coding workshops, teachers can bring coding to the classroom without needing any prior coding knowledge.

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Canada’s CanCode Initiative Promotes Coding

To help put coding in Canadian classrooms, the Government of Canada has introduced the CanCode Initiative. This program funds initiatives that help both teachers and kids learn coding and other digital skills at school. Offering $60 million in funding over 2 years, CanCode is giving B.C. teachers the skills and development they need to introduce coding in their classrooms. By March 31, 2021, this program will benefit over a million students and teachers – making a true impact on education in Canada. Thanks to this funding, coding is now even more accessible to B.C. teachers and students. And as students learn to code, they’ll gain the skills they need to face the tech-focused job market in the future.

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Coding Benefits Kids

Coding isn’t just a skill for future software engineers. Nowadays, kids are learning to code at an early age – and with this skill comes a slew of benefits. When teachers introduce coding to kids in the classroom, they help their students develop critical skills like curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, and independent thinking. In addition, coding can help kids understand basic concepts like logic, organization, and design. With the proper curriculum and tech at their fingertips, most kids will even find coding fun – and want to continue doing it as they get older.

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We Offer Free Coding Workshops for Teachers

If you’re a teacher in B.C. looking to add coding to your curriculum, you’re in luck. Under the GUI Academy is a CanCode recipient through FIRST Robotics, and we’re pleased to offer free coding workshops to public elementary school teachers in Metro Vancouver and Victoria. Round up a group of 5 or more teachers, and we’ll come and teach you coding in Python. In just 1.5 hours, you’ll go through a full coding class using the fun PixelPAD platform. Don’t worry, our free coding workshops are teacher-friendly and designed to help you introduce coding to your students. We’ll even give you a printed lesson guide and book with step-by-step instructions to make it a breeze to teach kids coding.

Ready to sign up? Head over to our Teacher Coding Workshop calendar and request a date and time that works for you.

We look forward to teaching you coding, so you can bring it to your classroom!