Our Team

At Under the GUI, our instructors are passionate about education and about technology. Our instructors are at least post-secondary students or graduates with a degree specializing in technology.


Jamie Chang
Founder & Managing Director
Jamie is a University of Toronto graduate and has taught students from Toronto to Vancouver. With a background in Neuroscience, Psychology and Computer Science, Jamie can draw examples from a wide range of disciplines to help his students understand new content, and loves to see the spark of students “getting it”. Outside of teaching, Jamie’s hobbies include board games, volleyball, mixed martial arts and sometimes he likes to put it all together to make some quirky video games!
Ivo van der Marel
Chief Technical Officer
An award winning instructor at the Vancouver Film School, a love for game development and travel, Ivo, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, has found himself working for various game companies in China, Vietnam and since late 2012, Canada. Currently he is working as a full-time game programming instructor at the Vancouver Film School, freelancing for various clients and of course working for Under the GUI as CTO. However, with a job that’s also your greatest passion, there can never be too much work. In his free time Ivo loves to go hiking in the Vancouver mountains.
Milly Cheung
Outreach Director & Regional Client Manager (Madrona & KEY)
Milly graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Economics and holds a certificate in TEFL. She has taught English in Japan and Korea and has experience working with children from kindergarten to university students, and continues to be impressed by their imagination, learning capacity and endless creativity. She is proud to be part of a school that encourages and fosters innovation. In her free time, she volunteers in Scouts Canada and enjoys being outdoors! Recently, she founded and organized Vancouver’s First Youth Hackathon, The Ultimate Canadian Youth Game Jam, to inspire and connect all youth within the lower mainland in coding!


Nevena Krunic
HR and Operations Specialist
As a psychology graduate, Nevena tried herself out in various fields, gradually accumulating experience in psychotherapy, HR, and child psychology. After she explored a good deal of her people-oriented personality, she started building up on her tech side. For a while now, she has been fascinated with data science and all the possibilities it yields. In her free time, she likes to play adventure video games and watch all kinds of movies and quirky tv shows. Also, she looooves to run, but only if it’s sunny and the temperature is right.
Shahnaz Koji
Curriculum Advisor & Past Principal
Dr. Shahnaz Koji holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, MA in Behavioural Neuroscience and BSc in Honours Psychology from the University of Waterloo. Dr. Koji is incredibly passionate about the role of metacognition in education. Her experience working with students ranging from early childhood education to university has allowed her to accumulate a wealth of experience. Her teaching philosophy is guided by her knowledge of the human mind. She is excited to be part of an organization that not only teaches relevant skills, but that also teaches the mindful processes required to become an innovative and creative thinker.

Main School (Madrona)

Maryana Fim
Junior Client Manager
Mary graduated in Psychology and has a postgraduate certificate in Human Resources. After working for 6 years as an IT recruiter, she decided to go on an adventure and move to Canada to study Hospitality. She loves being able to work for UTG where she can into to action all knowledge she has learned from her previous degrees and the diploma that she is studying for now. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, watching the latest TV series and during the summer doing as many outdoor activities as she can.

Wendy Lin
Wendy is currently a business student focusing in accounting at Capilano University. Accountants may sound boring to some, but believe it or not, accountants can be interesting too! She grew up playing sports and computer games, and eventually developed an interest in editing pictures and videos too. On her spare time, she loves to discover new music and finding new places to explore.

Svetozar Miucin
Svetozar is an end-game student pursuing a doctorate in computer systems. In the past, he worked in the embedded computing industry, but figured out he’d much rather learn and experiment for now. As a vocal advocate of tech literacy, he loves doing what he can to bring programming closer to the future movers of the world. In his spare time, he plays video and tabletop games, reads hard sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror novels, and dabbles in various art forms. He goes by the nickname Case, which he stole from a book.
Jordan Wilson
Jordan is currently finishing up his Computing Science degree at SFU. Having been introduced to computers at a young age, his interest in the field has grown exponentially over the years. With a love for games and the systems that make them come alive, he hopes to inspire in his students a similar passion for learning and desire to develop their own ideas.
Duarte Maia
Duarte has a passion for games ever since his Dad brought a Nintendo home, in some cold morning in the 90’s. Playing games, breaking them, analyzing them, it was a big part of growing up for him! He believes that gaming a great part in our development, and so it’s one of his lifelong dreams to be a part of that process – to create to others the same experiences that shaped his personality. As he says: “At Under the GUI I’m able to give back to the next generations with my current favourite game: Making Games! “
Joshua Abe
Josh is currently a student at BCIT, studying Computer Systems Technology. His interest in programming became apparent at the age of 12 after attending courses for web and game development. With a gung-ho attitude for programming, he hopes to help nurture students with an interest in game development. Josh believes that, as a medium, video games can be the most expressive of the developers imagination.
Karl Phillips
With a desire to constantly check how things really work, it comes to no surprise that Karl took interest in the internet. An upcoming web designer, Karl loves the idea of creating games for anyone, anywhere and hopes to inspire an entire generation to do the same.
Richard Le
Richard is currently a student of computer science at UBC with an interest in game development and robotics, he hopes to put a smile on people’s faces with the games he makes.
Michael Pattie
Michael is currently a Software Developer at a game studio in Vancouver. He also holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering and Software Engineering from the University of Victoria.


Hyacinthe Khodja
Principal (Coquiltam & North Vancouver)
Hyacinthe holds a master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences and Socio-linguistics from the University of Rennes 2 in France. He has taught French as a Foreign/Second Language in Wales, Texas, Finland and in France, and was always interested in using modern, original approaches in his classes. Ever since his parents bought an Atari 520, he had a strong interest in computers. Upon moving to Vancouver, he joined his two passions together, and is now working at Under the GUI as the Curriculum Developer and Principal in North Vancouver. In his spare time, he enjoys playing obscure board games and tabletop role-playing games. He also loves corgis.

Jason Ngan
Having discovered a joy for developing games through his Software Systems program at Simon Fraser University, Jason learned how to create simple Unity games through school and personal projects. He enjoys designing fantasy worlds, playing strategy games, and making games in his spare time.
Solomon Yu
Solomon is a student currently attending Simon Fraser University, majoring in Computer Science. He loves programming for the ability to create and design for a variety of topics. When he’s not programming, Solomon likes to spend his time playing card games and doing sports. He is excited about sharing his passion for computers with others!
Cameron Savage
Cameron is currently a student at Simon Fraser University, studying Computing Science. He’s always loved tinkering with computers and learning more about any aspect of them. In his free time, Cameron enjoys reading, mountain biking, and martial arts.

North Vancouver

Patricia Estrellado
As an avid fan of UI design and motion design, Patricia is currently studying at VCC as a Digital Graphic Design student. She has always loved video games ever since she was a kid and has always been curious to know how video games work, how they are made. In her spare time, she likes to go to escape rooms, dine out with her friends, and discover new music to listen to while working on projects.
Mac Galbraith
Mac has loved both playing and making games for as long as he can remember. This passion has led him to creating many different games, both digital and physical. After honing his skills at Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program, he has begun developing his own projects to further his goal of making it big as an Indie Game Developer.
Krystle Bulalakaw
Krystle is a graduate of Computer Systems Technology at BCIT, where she gained co-op experience in QA and data communications. She has a passion for continuous learning and gaining knowledge that is both wide and deep. She is currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University. Since a young age, she has been fascinated in the world of technology and the ability to intersect hyper-speed computation, natural language, abstract modelling, and artistic creativity in software and video games. Outside of computers, Krystle enjoys reading, cycling, and exploring different cultures.

KEY Admissions

Sindy To
Sindy graduated with degree in Marketing and has worked in various fields from marketing for a local Asian newspaper to working for different government agencies. In her spare time, she is a vocalist in a band and has weekly live music gatherings. She also enjoys PC games, movies and loves travelling. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and has a working knowledge in Japanese.
Olivia Sung
Olivia is soon to be graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of British Columbia. She likes making cute and little games for little people and is hoping to make an ultimate pug runner game! Recently taking interest in Roblox, she is discovering what little people are playing nowadays!
Alex Pesun
Alex is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and is currently in the Game Design industry. He is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.