Spring Break Camps 2021

We will be offering in-person and online spring break camps for 2021 at many of our locations. Our procedures for maintaining safe learning during the pandemic can be found here

Kitsilano – In-person Robotics camp Our in-person robotics camp provides campers with a taste of our competitive robotics program. During the week students will cooperate in small teams to build a VEX IQ robot to compete in Vex IQ’s worldwide challenge, “Rise Above”. Throughout the week students will:

  • learn to write code that commands their motors to perform specific functions
  • perform the engineering design process to identify flaws and make improvements in their design
  • learn and implement fundamental concepts in physics such as gearing, centre of gravity, friction, leverage
  • collaborate with team members
*UTG has strict COVID protocols for in-person learning that include mandatory masks, distancing, cleaning protocols, and temperature checks

Online Coding and Animation Camp
Our online spring camp program is providing online courses for coding and animation in Python using Pixelpad. Our goal is to introduce students to a wide variety of topics in coding and animation, and get them excited about code. It’s intended to be a light touch on the topics at hand, but give students the tools they need to continue learning on their own, or develop their own projects.

Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Conditional Statements
  2. Loops
  3. Functions
  4. Pixel Art
  5. GIF Animations
  6. Piskel