Policies and Conditions

Please go over these rules with your child:

In order to maintain excellent relationships with our host institutions and to achieve the best possible classes for everyone, it is necessary for our parents/guardians and students to follow these rules and policies.

  1. Parents/Guardians of our students are responsible to ensure their child is equipped with a USB storage device. For insurance, your son or daughter should bring home a backup of their game after each class.
  2. Please park in designated parking only. Should you need instructions on where to park, please speak with the supervisor at for your location. Use the designated entrance when bringing or picking up your child.
  3. Parents/Guardians may sit in on the classes for observation (space permitting).
  4. Parents/Guardians cannot interfere with the teaching if they choose to observe the class. Only students are permitted to use the computers provided by the institution.
  5. No consumption of food or drinks is allowed in the computer lab.
  6. Our students must be on their best behavior, however should your child cause unnecessary disruptions during a class, we will call home to notify the parents/guardians. No foul language, intimidation of other students, interference with other students or abuse of the computer labs will be tolerated. Under the GUI reserves the right to remove a student from the class for unacceptable behavior.
  7. Access to the Internet is strictly monitored. Use of sites showcasing illegal software or age inappropriate material is not permitted.


Under the GUI is committed to providing the best possible experience for you and your son/daughter. In order to keep our class sizes small and a well-functioning environment including adequate staffing, please follow these cancellation guidelines. When students withdraw from sessions, classes and programs, reorganization is necessary and appropriate accounting, administrative, and staffing procedures are necessary. For these reasons, the following cancellation policies apply.

Cancelling in the first month of service:

We realize that beginning a new school and program can be challenging. Therefore, Under the GUI offers a grace period of 2 weeks from the day the student starts the program within which they can withdraw with a $25.00 fee. Tuition after the 2-week grace period is non-refundable, however may be transferred and used for other programs Under the GUI offers.


We understand that sometimes students fall ill and/or miss classes for personal reasons. In the event of sickness or missing classes, it is important to inform us soon as you can that you will not be coming in. It is also for the fairness of other students in your child’s class that the material and curricula will not be overly delayed throughout the semester.

In the event of an absence due to sickness or personal reasons:

It is the your (parent/guardian) responsibly to inform your client manager immediately of your child’s absences so that we can provide you with the necessary course material to ensure that your child would not fall behind.
In class notes, assignments, bonus work, lecture materials and online help can be accessed online for all Under the GUI students through our online community (http://forum.underthegui.com/). The Under the GUI online community is where all students can ask instructors any questions directly about classes and assignments. Refer to the UtG Student Handbook on how to access the forum and how to find your child’s class.

Make-up classes in the event of an absence:

Your child can attend a make-up class within the same weekend of the absence, if available. Please contact your client manager or receptionist as soon as you anticipate an absence. We will do their best to reschedule your child to attend another section of the same course on the same weekend.


Collection of tuition fees is necessary for the operation of Under the GUI Academy Inc. Under the GUI is working hard to establish tuition rates that are affordable for parents/guardians wishing to enroll their child(ren) at a technical weekend school. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to pay the tuition fees set by our school at the beginning of the semester (Fall and Spring).

Tuition fees must be paid in full unless otherwise arranged with your Client Manager and communicated to the school.

Payment Guidelines:

  1. Parents/guardians must pay the tuition fees within the first 2 weeks of the student’s first class
  2. Parents/guardians are encouraged to pay tuition fees through e-transfer with their personal online banking system, or post-date cheques upon approval of your Client Manager or school
  3. Follow the Tuition Payment Options guideline below

Late Payment and Fees:

  1. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late payments, accrued each month until the late payment is paid
  2. If an outstanding payment is not paid after two payment notices from your Client Manager, receptionist or other staff member from the school, we will issue a final warning of outstanding payments with a final deadline for payment for all outstanding fees including service charges and interest charges. If the payment is still not received, the parent/guardian will be notified that their child will be terminated from the school


We currently accept the following methods of payment. Please follow our instructions to ensure that your payments are received in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you.


  1. Place in a sealed envelope and write the student’s full name, location, course date and time on the front
  2. Drop it off at school to your Client Manager or Receptionist while school is in session (either Saturday or Sundays). Make sure that a UTG staff receives your payment as we often share space with other organizations.


  1. Make cheque to “Under the GUI” or “Under the GUI Academy Inc.
  2. In the memo line, indicate student’s full name and details about your payment
  3. Pass your cheque to your Client Manager or Receptionist at your school


  1. Log in to your online banking account
  2. Go to “Transfers” -> “Interac e-Transfer”
  3. Add Recipient using the following information:
    • Recipient Name: Under the GUI Academy Inc.
    • Recipient Email: payments@underthegui.com
    • Security Question: what is the name of our school?
    • Security Answer: underthegui
  4. Enter in amount of the full tuition payment and send
  5. Let us know once you have sent the e-Transfer
  6. We will then confirm that we have received the payment via e-mail (this may take up to 1 week)

Note: Every online banking will be slightly different; please contact your bank if you cannot access online banking or have trouble sending e-Transfers


Last Updated & Revised: March 16, 2017