Partners & Affiliates

Immersive Technology Lab

The Immersive Technology Lab (ITL) is a UBC-based technology centre for the development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software for learning environments. We develop VR/ AR solutions for academic units across UBC and high profile organizations beyond campus. At ITL, we are committed to growing the capabilities of next generation of technologists.

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St. Alcuin College
Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts is a progressive, independent K-12 school rooted in curiosity-led learning. Skillful teachers adapt the course of study to how each student best learns, thinks and inquires. We comply with, and surpass, provincial requirements to produce well-rounded graduates equipped for university and lifelong learning.

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Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a post-secondary entertainment arts school that provides students with a unique one-year educational model and 13 programs that cover all of the entertainment arts. A few of our own instructors have graduated from the Programming and Game Design program at VFS. Our students have the unique opportunity to discover VFS through campus tours.

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Madrona Independent School

Madrona School is an independent school with a focus on the needs of bright and gifted children. Subjects are taught in small groups based on students’ abilities and learning styles, with between 4 and 12 students per teacher in each group. Madrona focuses on nurturing the whole child, valuing the development of social and emotional skills alongside academics. At different stages of their education a Madrona student may study art, music, philosophy, and technology as well as the regular subjects in the BC Curriculum. We currently offer grades K-9, and are in the process of expanding to become a full K-12 school.

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KEY | Admissions Strategy & Learning Enrichment

At KEY, we take a long-term, strategic approach centered on the individual student’s best interests. We are Western educated and raised with global backgrounds and viewpoints. From our KEY Early Years early childhood education programs through to our KEY university admissions guidance, all our programs and services are designed to give each of our students the best opportunity to thrive within their current education environment and beyond. We help lay essential and formative foundations for our students to help them create their own legacies and find success. We endeavor to teach our students to be deep learners, not superficial ones.

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Archiact’s mission is to “Make virtual and augmented reality a central part of every home, business, and organization in the world to inspire, create efficiencies, and leave a meaningful impact with each interaction.”

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uForis VR

uForis VR is a small group of virtual reality enthusiasts experimenting with possibilities in VR, such as 360-degree panoramas of real locations, videos, and 3D spaces.

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Startup Skool
Startup Skool educates youth on entrepreneurship, design, and technology. This course will guide students through the process of starting a business. Students will work through various design methods to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship including idea generation, product design, marketing, operations, and financial literacy. This inquiry-driven and project-based curriculum will provide an engaging and meaningful experience for students that encourages them to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and our next great innovators.

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A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape is an indie gaming studio that creates engaging mobile games. “We create mobile games with a social core that engage players and provoke us with creative new problems. We value data, informal leadership, and keeping it all balanced.”

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CodeCore Bootcamp

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is an intensive in-person training program in professional web development program.

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VR Chat

VR Chat is a social world network made up of user generated avatars and worlds.

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Claren Academy

Claren Academy is a new technology and creativity focused elementary school in downtown Vancouver. We are focused on the future, and the skills our children will need to succeed and thrive.

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