Level 3

Introduction to Unity 3D C#

Course Code: UN301, UN302 (UN302 requires UN301 as prerequisite)
Prior knowledge or experience not required!
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 11+

At this level, students will learn how to use Unity3D, modern game development software used by corporate and independent studio developers. Software made in Unity3D can be ported to mobile devices, PC’s, consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation and can be shared or sold on the Android and Apple store.

This course will teach students stronger conceptual programming ideas, more polished coding practices, and a better understanding of how to code effectively. At this level, students learn a the professional language C#, which grants them the ability to create applications in the Unity 3D engine.With the introduction to best coding practices, coding designs, and coding implementation, students will learn the same fundamental programming concepts that are used in every kind of app, software, and program on the market today.

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