Level 2

Introduction to Python in Game Development II

Course Code: PY201, PY202 (PY202 requires PY201 as prerequisite)
Prior knowledge or experience not required!
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 9 – 10

This Python coding course works with computer programming basics, stripping away some of the visual elements of the first level. This course will teach students to create richer programs that include more sophisticated concepts than Level 1, including more complex concepts using the text-based scripting language Python to create their games. They will be creating 2D HTML5 games they can share online, and will learn concepts including: variables, functions and the Cartesian plane, and how to manipulate these concepts to create their programs.

Learning outcomes for PY201:

  • Utilize more advanced functions and conditionals
  • Creatively imagine story and theme
  • Emphasize storyline and theme through dialogue, sounds, and music
  • Fill the game world with interesting and unique characters and objects

Learning outcomes for PY202:

  • Simulate complex physics using more advanced mathematics
  • Increase the game’s difficulty in a smooth progression
  • Implement and understand the use for randomly generated numbers
  • Define new, custom functions

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