Level 1

Introduction to Python in Game Development I

Course Codes: PY101, PY102 (PY102 requires PY101 as prerequisite)
Prior knowledge or experience not required!
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 7 – 8

Students in this course will be working with Python to understand computer algorithms and computer programming basics. This level serves as an introduction to computer programming concepts, designs, and implementations through learning how to create games by scripting themselves! At the end of this level, students will have created their own versions of their favorite games that they can share with their friends and family. Additionally, they will have built the foundations to understand computer programming principles and logic.

Learning outcomes for PY101:

  • Understand and describe the purpose of a variable, including giving examples
  • Create and organize unique objects
  • Make objects move in different ways
  • Track and understand collision between objects

Learning outcomes for PY102:

  • Build on the concepts learned in PY101 in alternative ways
  • Track new types of variables and use them in simple conditional statements
  • Simulate simplified physics
  • Describe and implement simple artificial intelligence

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