Coding For Kids – Under The GUI Victoria @ Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS)!

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What is Under The GUI Academy?

Under the GUI (gooey!) Academy is a Canada’s leading coding school for kids Grades 1 to 12 (ages 7 to 17). Across Canada we welcome about 1,000 students every semester to coding classes. Through coding we teach kids to have smart, confident relationships with technology, the internet, and their digital world!

Under The GUI classes are delivered in 1.5hr lessons on Saturdays and Sundays, at host institutions such as Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS). A student is able to join Under The GUI as a beginner and evolve their skills across a range of coding languages and practices that will serve them professionally and personally for a lifetime. Programs are flexible enough to accommodate beginners of all ages, and advanced students as well.


What Under The GUI Students Learn

Under The GUI’s professionally developed curriculum teaches students to think critically and innovate with technologies at the core of our daily lives.

We value innovation, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and thinking skills. In addition, students also learn new vocabulary, develop typing skills, and learn to synthesize knowledge.

Under The GUI courses are presented in a linear progression, with entry points for various ages, regardless of experience. For instance, a 9-year-old student with little to no experience would begin in Python, with a clear progression ahead of them. A 12-year-old student would begin in Unity/C#, learning the same overall skill set of problem solving, creativity, etc. via a different platform and coding language.

The key aspect to learning code is the ability to problem solve and seek out solutions. To that end, Under The GUI Instructors encourage students to continuously expand their skills and abilities through building games & apps with our proven software tools.

How We Make it Fun!

Wait Mom wait! I’m still working on my code! I need some more time!

Under The GUI student Ben, 8-years-old; typically what he says when his Mom picks him up from class!

Learning with purpose – Under The GUI’s philosophy is giving students a sense of purpose with real-time feedback. Students are provided the tools and instruction to bring their ideas to life, fueling their interests and desire to learn.

We borrow ideas from Finland’s extremely successful education system, where there are no tests, little homework, and education is mostly self-motivated. At Under The GUI student success and engagement come first – teaching with purposeful, self-motivated learning principles.

Our Courses

Under The GUI offers courses in Python, Unity, HTML/CSS, and extensive Computer Science. Lessons guide students to university-level coding practices and algorithms. Each level consists of two semesters that progressively teach students how to command and control computers. Projects range from 2D games, to 3D virtual-reality games, to complete mobile applications that can be placed on app platforms like Google Play.

  • Level 1 – Python Basics (Ages 7 – 8)
  • Level 2 – Python Intermediate (Ages 9 – 10)
  • Level 3 – Python Advanced (Ages 11+)
  • Level 4 – Unity C# Beginners (Ages 12+)
  • Level 5 – Unity C# Intermediate (Ages 13+)
  • Level 6 – Web Development (Ages 14+)
  • Level 7 – Computer Science Intermediate (Ages 15+)
  • Level 8 – Computer Science Advanced (Ages 15+)

Under The GUI Instructors

Under The GUI Instructors are people who stand out for their passion to share their coding expertise – with energy & a big smile!

Under The GUI Instructors are subject matter experts, smile lots, are patient, and love to see students achieve. In Victoria, some Instructors are UVIC Computer Science students, and others young professionals working in technology. Introducing a few Victoria Instructors:

Brooke Martin – Brooke is a 4th year undergraduate in Computer Science at UVIC with a passion for teaching. Hailing from Calgary, she brings a bright friendly smile & patient demeanor to the classroom. She has 2 years of experience tutoring kids in technology. Brooke loves to travel!

Jas Singh – Jas is a technology professional with extensive experience coding, collaborating, and problem solving in high pressure environments. Despite being only 28, his professional accomplishments speak to what is possible with a great learning, and coding skills. Jas has years of experience teaching beginners and experts. His ability to pin-point student areas of difficulty, and patience are real assets in his lessons.

Rowena Zhu – Ro, as she’s known to her students, is a 4th year undergraduate in Computer Science at UVIC.  She is an experienced teacher of computer skills, and coding. She loves sharing her skills and passion for coding with others. Her ability to quickly connect with students make her a great teacher. As a girl in the technology industry she’s keen to get more girls coding!

Parents on Under The GUI Victoria

Visiting Under The GUI Academy Victoria – GNS

Under The GUI classes at GNS are Saturday and Sunday only. Visitors are welcome during Under The GUI hours with prior arrangement. Please get in touch to arrange a visit and trial class. Student parents are welcome to watch classes at any time, but asked to refrain from any participation.

Free parking is available at GNS, on Maddison Street.

Tuition at Under The GUI Victoria – GNS

The 12-week course registration fee is 4 x payments of $169 or one-time $649, plus GST.

Laptops are provided in class. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops if they wish. Instructors will assist setting up the coding platforms for class.

Maximum class size is 10 students. Classes run once per weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays. Please visit for the latest class schedule.Refunds are pro-rated to classes attended, and subject to a fifty dollar admin fee. Please allow up to six weeks for funds to be returned.

OPEN HOUSE Jan 25 – Please register here

Questions! Please contact us: (778) 967-2150
Class registration:

Professional Services

UTG Victoria also offers professional services for events and training off-site. Organizationally, Under The GUI Academy has partnered with Public Libraries, Teachers Unions, Public School Boards and STEM Charities all across Canada to provide children’s coding activities.

Some examples of activities and events we provide include:

  • Hands on workshops for teachers & educators on teaching kids coding class (1.5-2hrs)
  • Hands on workshops for students – intro to coding in Python with a single instructor (2-3hrs)
  • Hackathons – experienced programmers compete for the best rapidly developed app (6-8hrs)
  • Game Jams – student groups create their own beginner video game (4-8hrs)
  • Coding booths – kids drop-in to create their own video game using an online tutorial. They can save their projects and come back to work on their game any time. (multi-day)

Please contact us to discuss ideas for your organization! A proposal and cost estimate can be done up promptly.