Level 1 – Python Beginners (Ages 7 – 8)
Level 2 – Python Intermediate (Ages 9 – 10)
Level 3 – Python Advanced (Ages 11+)
Level 4 – Unity Beginners
Level 5 – Unity Intermediate
Level 6 – Web Development
Level 7 – Computer Science Intermediate
Level 8 – Computer Science Advanced


Our lessons are intended to guide students towards university-level coding practices. Each level consists of two 5-month semesters that progressively teach students computer algorithms through the creating software that is applicable in the real world. These range from simple 2D games to full virtual reality apps.


The Under the GUI curriculum is created for students to enjoy the feedback of creating video games with the intent of teaching computer programming fundamentals and abstract computer science concepts. The youngest students start out making 2D games with, GML and Drag & Drop (D&D) coding. As they progress, students learn about the Unity engine and C#, creating applications for Windows, Apple and Android devices. With a strong foundation in Unity & C#, students who can either continue with game development or stream into theoretical computer science and C++. Select students who finish at least 2 years of Unity with Under the GUI will have the opportunity to work in placements with one our company partners.

Co-op / Internships

Select students from our program may apply for internship, placement or volunteer positions with one of our company sponsors and partners.
These professional positions are a wonderful way to gain perspective on the software industry and learn what it would be like to work with the best in the technology field. From game company’s dabbling in mobile and app development all the way to professionals in virtual reality, students have the opportunity to witness firsthand how it all works.