Meet our Summer Camp Team!

Our Summer Camp Team has been working hard to bring campers the best summer experience ever. They are dedicated and passionate in spreading their love of technology and are thriving to build a summer program to fit campers of all ages, skills and experiences! Learn about each of our team members & student volunteers below.

Zephi Kramer Camp Supervisor
Having been an instructor in a multitude of different camps for four years, Zephi is really excited for Under the GUI’s summer camps! While her main experience lies in coaching debate, she is confident she can use the same tools to translate complex arguments to teaching coding to students. Last summer, she was a Lego Robotics instructor and found it to be a really rewarding experience! Having just graduated from UBC with her Bachelor of Arts, she is ready to start a new adventure. In her free time, she likes to sing and play guitar!
Svetozar Miucin Curriculum Advisor
Svetozar is an end-game student pursuing a doctorate in computer systems at the University of British Columbia. In the past, he worked in the embedded computing industry, but figured out he’d much rather learn and experiment for now. As a vocal advocate of tech literacy, he loves doing what he can to bring programming closer to the future movers of the world. He is currently an instructor at Under the GUI and is excited to bring his vast amount of knowledge, experience and skills into the summer camp programs.
Laila Khan Camp Instructor
Laila is completing her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She is a strong advocate when it comes to nurturing the interests of youth, and hopes to inspire her students to challenge themselves, as well as fuel their passion in STEM. A student herself, Laila is currently focused on expanding her knowledge through personal projects and involvement in design teams to figure out what captures her interest and what she wants to pursue in the future.
Richard Le Camp Instructor
Richard is a computer science student at the University of British Columbia with a strong interest in Game Development and Robotics. He hopes to put a smile on people’s faces with the games that he creates! When he’s not making games, he loves to study robotics and tinkering on projects. He participated in the FIRST robotics competition while in high school and his team won several rookie awards!
Lauren Lee Camp Instructor
Lauren is currently a Science student at the University of British Columbia majoring in Mathematics. Taking some Computer Science courses sparked her interest in the world of technology. She is passionate about science and youth education so she decided to put her two interests together as an instructor. She has a mission to change the way kids think about STEM. She loves working with kids, doing yoga, and playing the guitar.

Student Volunteers


Ryan Chen Student Volunteer
Ryan is currently a grade 8 student attending Southpointe Academy in Tsawwassen, Delta. Being interested in gaming for all his life, he naturally developed a liking of coding. Hoping he can someday make a difference with technology, he is doing everything he can to learn about today’s growing electronic world.
Ryan Kao Student Volunteer

Ryan Kao is a grade 8 student attending Lord Byng Secondary in Vancouver. He is enrolled in the Byng Arts strings program and loves to play music and video games. Since he enjoys playing video games he is naturally interested in game design and computer programming. He does his best to learn all the coding languages to someday create the next Microsoft.